Baked dark chocolate mousse, espresso cream, smoked macadamia praline  15.00              


House made sorbet, 'Pure' hand-crafted Wanaka ice-creams and biscuits  15.00                           

Pimm's jelly with cucumber and mint sorbet, macerated strawberries, orange and meringue shards  15.00                              

Coconut panna cotta with mango puree, passionfruit and orange granita, candied coconut chips 15.00                           

Raw raspberry tart with chocolate sorbet and shortbread crumb 15.00                                             

Kawau gorgonzola blue cheese 19.00


Mahurangi brie  19.00

....with grapes, spicy nuts, Pinot rose jelly, fig and walnut roulade, oat and seed crackers and homemade walnut toast  (both 33.00)                                                                                                                                      

....As we are a constantly evolving restaurant.... this menu is subject to change