Lunch served from 11.30am until 5pm



Baked garlic and mozzarella bread  11  

Edamame beans blanched in the pod, lime butter and flake salt   7                                                                                           


Pacific seafood chowder “world famous in New Zealand, mussels, shrimps, fish and squid bound in a creamy tomato velouté with chunky toast  17           


Venison burger, chargrilled Turkish bun, spiced plum chutney, Portobello mushroom, blue cheese

mascarpone, mesclun, kumara crisps 21                               


Beek cheek and olive empanadas, apple and tamarind chutney, celeriac salad  20         


Cumin and cashew nut vegetable koftas, tomato masala sauce and fresh coriander 19                               


Chicken liver pate with Pinot rose jelly and chargrilled ciabatta  16                                                    


Thai fishcakes poached in a coconut, chilli and lime broth, rice noodles, bok choy, mung beans, toasted

peanuts  21                         





Chunky fries with relish and roast garlic aioli                                                                                   


Mixed baby leaves with soy roasted seeds                                                                              


Bowl of marinated olives